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Анализатор размера частиц Agilent 7020 ZetaProbe

Поставщик - Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Цена с НДС - дог.

Валюта - руб

Zeta potential measurements have never been simpler. The Agilent ZetaProbe eliminates the sample preparation and dilution required with traditional techniques. The multi-frequency electrostatic technique makes it possible to measure zeta potential directly, under true sample conditions, at concentrations as high as 60% volume. Easy-to-use software automatically corrects for particle size and double layer distortion. A compact, rugged design features built-in titration and versatile dip probe sensors.

- Multi-frequency electrostatic technique for accurate results
- Eliminates time consuming and error-prone sample preparation
- Measures directly in concentrated colloids and emulsions
- Measures samples up to 60% volume
- Rapid cycle times with analysis in seconds
- Features advanced software wizards for easy set-up and operation
- Automatically corrects for particle size and double layer distortion


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