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Британский координатор проекта ищет партнёров / 01.09.2008

Источник: НКТ "Нанотехнологии"

Британский координатор ищет предприятие способное производить наночастицы.

Название проекта: Controlled combustion of metallic nanoparticles

Тип проекта: Small or medium scale focused project

Тематика: NMP-2008-1.2-3 Development of technologies for the controlled combustion of nanoparticles

Описание проекта: Very recently, a bold idea of using nanofuels, pure metal nanoparticles or suspensions of nanoparticles in a liquid fuel, as a novel energy vector has been proposed at QMUL. In a simplified version, primary or renewable energy resources are utilized to manufacture nanofuels (production); heat or indirectly electricity / work is released wherever needed through a combustion process (utilization); and the end products, oxide particle, are recycled and processed to metal form, thus closing the loop (regeneration). Funded by the research council in UK, a feasibility study on the application of nanofuel to reciprocating internal combustion engines (ICEs) is being carried on where commercial available nanoparticles are injected and burned in an ICE. However due to the short time-frame, the study is only focused on the engineering application aspect and lack of controlled combustion of nanoparticles, which appears to be most fundamental issue that have to be addressed before any industrial actions.

Требования к партнёру: We would like to invite, automotive companies to be involved both SMEs and Large companies. We would also like to work with a nano particle manufacturer again SME's and Large companies welcome.

Контактное лицо: Lisa Hearty (lmh@dcs.qmul.ac.uk)

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